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The Godfather Challenge


How Did it Begin?

When we first came into Primo’s, it wasn’t long before we saw the first “Huge” Calzone come out of the kitchen.  We were amazed.  That thing was SO big and looked like the servers needed a spotter to carry it to the table.  We couldn’t imagine one person eating that.  I kept saying,

“There is NO way a person could finish that…”

…and every time I would say that, inevitably someone would say, “I could do it.”  Then the argument would continue in the normal format of me not believing that person.  Finally, I said, “That’s it.  We’re going to settle this.  We’re going to name it “The Godfather Calzone” because it would take the whole “family” to eat it.  And we’re going to put it out there as a challenge and see who can do it.  So we did!

The “Godfather Calzone” Challenge Rules:

  1. You must purchase “The Godfather Challenge Calzone” which includes 3 toppings, ricotta, mozzarella, romano and 2 sides of marinara.  Regardless of topping choice, toppings are weighed to be equal for each challenge.
  2. You must finish the calzone in under 45 minutes.
  3. You cannot leave the table even for a bathroom break.
  4. No sharing is allowed.  You must finish the calzone by yourself.

If you complete the challenge successfully, you will get a cool t-shirt and your picture on our Wall of Fame.  If you don’t, then you only get leftover calzone.

***This is a GIANT calzone.  Attempt this challenge at your own risk!


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